h scan technology


Steam Reformer Furnaces are at the core of many plants used in the production of Ammonia, Methanol, Syngas, Acetic acid, and refined hydrocarbons.

These critical units operate under extreme temperatures and pressures requiring the use of high alloy materials. These materials are subject to long term degradation due to stresses caused by fatigue, thermal, creep, and residual issues.

Reformer tubes, Pigtails and Collection headers utilize materials which reside in the creep regime. These conditions are at the upper limits of the materials structural properties. Plant upsets or extreme operating conditions can adversly effect the continued serviceability of the components.

A design life of 100,000 operating hours has been the normal time-based criteria for considering retirement of tubes. Operators of these furnaces require specific assessments which will allow continued safe operation and tube reliability to optimize plant performance. The damages created within the furnace require assessment techniques and software, which will target specific types of damage.